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The Rampant Rider

Motovlogger located in West Sussex, UK.

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Forza on Bikes - RIDE Game Review by The Rampant Rider

Posted by on in Member Motorcycle Reviews & Blogs
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Hey guys!

So this would seem to be my first ever blog post on the site, and I can't thank you enough to be given the opportunity to be part of the team, it's a pleasure. I've been running my own channel for just over a year, and to be honest I haven't really expected much to come out of it, with only a handful of subscribers (which I've always said I'm not too fussed about). But looking over the past year since the day I first put a Drift on my head, got on my then restricted SV650S, I'd never have dreamed I'd be doing the things I am doing today, so thanks all!

For those that don't know much about me and my channel, I'm The Rampant Rider, a strange name I know, but it stuck...

I'm originally from the far land we call Norwich, Norfolk, and no.... I do NOT have webbed hands as many believe us Naarfulk folk do. Trust me, it's not as bad as Suffolk, just flatter. 

Last September I packed up, and moved 150 miles down to Brighton, to pursue my other personal interests, so now my channel and vlogging resides in the South of England.

So that's pretty much it, take a look at my channel if you want to know more -


Right, now lets get on topic. I myself am a huge gaming fan, so I was excited to hear around 10 months ago about this game that would provide the "best motorcycling experience" from Milestone. I've played previous Moto GP title games from them before, and although I've enjoyed them, they're all pretty much the same right? As the months drew closer, with more gameplay footage appearing on the tinternet, I thought this game looked pretty decent. So I noted down the release date, mentioned a little bit in one of my vlogs, and waited out.



Oh yeah, I waited alright...

Every advert possible said this game was being released on March 12th. That was the date I had noted down, in which at the time I visiting back home. After getting to nearest GAME store, I was then denied a purchase. Although we were all led to believe, that RIDE was being released on the 12th, it had only been released exclusively on PS4. Now I'm still behind the times, with an Xbox 360, gutted. After much frustration from many Xbox and PS3 gamers around the UK, Milestone officially made a statement saying the other platforms would be released on the 27th.

Great start Milestone *slowly clapping my hands*.

But this wasn't the first of the problems with this game, as many of you already know. 

Eventually after getting my hands on a copy, and chopping my way up the leaderboards, I opened it up one day with a message "Save Game Corrupt". Who remembers that pain? This lark went on for a good month before Milestone released a fix. Ridiculous how a "professional" game developer can make such a balls up, and just chill at their desks whilst every customer sits on FB, slagging off the game in the comments, trust me I was one of them! I'm not surprised by the amount of refunds this game got. Just like GTA Online saga again...

Enough of this save corrupt jibber jabber, I'm happy to think thats behind us. Now, onto the actual game.


First thoughts on RIDE, in a few words... Forza on Motorcycles. 


Milestone really dug into the motorcycle industry with this game, gathering over 100 different motorcycles with every main manufacture including Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Ducati, Aprillia... the list goes on. It's not just the bikes, but parts too, Termighoni exhausts, Dyno Jet quick shifters, and Ohlins suspension just part of the parcel. Talking about the parts brings me on the my next point, customisation.

To me with any game, being able to add your own touch is important, and to be fair to Milestone, they've understood this completely. When you purchase your chosen bike within the game, you then have access to a wide range of customisation, split into different categories. Firstly performance upgrades. The Engine category will allow you slip on an Akrapovic, add a race air filter, port your cylinders, and upgrade your ECU, along with adding a quick shifter with a racing gearbox, and put on a nice clean bold n' gold drive chain. You'll also be able to upgrade your suspension and brakes to improve handling on the bike. Once you start taking the in-game assists off, you'll really notice the difference, apart from one thing, the exhaust tone. If in reality I spent £400+ on a new Akra can, I'd be pretty pissed if it sounded exactly the same as the stock exhaust, at least that's what you'll get with RIDE, get with it MS!

Other customisation involves appearance. I was greatly pleased when I discovered I could change not only the livery, but handlebar grips, levers, yokes, as well as being able to remove the number plate and wing mirrors. To me, that ticks a box. It's not only the bikes you get to customise, but rider too, with a variety of apparel supplied from brands such as  AGV, Arai, Alpine Stars, Dainese, SIDI and Shoei, there's plenty of choice to look like the best power ranger. 


Now onto gameplay, probably the most important thing, because it is a game were playing right? (Note. Obvious stated) Graphics and look are bog standard Milestone, good... but could be better. RIDE provides a range of gameplay modes, Single Race, Team Race, Drag, Track Day, Head to Head, Endurance, and Championship. Endurance would most likely be my favourite, a traditional Le man's start, followed by a full on 8 lap trek. Each race you complete adds coins to your virtual pocket, and helps you climb the World Ranking leaderboard. Get high enough in the ranks, you'll be eligible to compete with other high ranking riders, with a chance of winning various other bikes as a prize. Pretty good for a racing game. 

Once you start boggling around on the Superbikes, then you will have to delve into the Riding Aids menu. Unless you want to completely trash your well earned S1000RR HP4, you'll be whacking up the anti wheelie, traction control and joint brakes, until you get a feel for the bike. These sort of mechanics in the game make it feel quite down to earth on a bike, but you won't be mucking around gazing at the views of North Wales whilst surpassing 160+ mph. Start turning the assists back off again and still feeling comfortable, then you've pretty much got this game in the bag, and any further racing won't be much of a challenge. 


One of the major things I did notice about this game, was continuity. I've already mentioned the exhaust sounds, but playing a Drag race on a fully upgraded Daytona 675R, topping out at 141mph, I wasn't best pleased. I would expect it from the naked bikes, but really? They're not named super sports for that reason. I tried improving the top end on the Triumph, explored the Bike Settings menu, and adjusted the gear ratio to bring more top speed. Guess difference. I went into the menu again, only to find that the system doesn't take into account any changes of the settings, gears or suspension wise. That'll be another thing on Milestone's bug list.


Overall, I think this has been a slow start with RIDE. I won't knock their dedication to producing such a game with high level of detail, but it could be better. Maybe we will see that in a sequel, maybe not. All we can do now is have fun, and ride, because it's the closest I'm getting to a Ducati Superleggara.


Oh and Milestone, bring out a TT track release already!


Thanks for reading guys, and speak soon.






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TheRampantRider is a motovlogging channel, which I first started up in Norfolk, but have since re located to West Sussex, UK. I generally like to include day to day commute rides, random happenings, and anything I find entertaining in vlogs, as well as giving out tips and reviews to my audience. My current bike is a 2001 Suzuki SV650S.


  • Jump4Joy
    Jump4Joy Sunday, 10 May 2015 · Delete

    Great review man. Looks a sweet game. I saw it was out. it sounds pretty good.

    is it a game you get bored of or is there some longevity with it?

  • TheRampantRider
    TheRampantRider Sunday, 10 May 2015 · Delete

    Thanks man! I suppose because I have played Moto GP games from MS before, the mechanics in RIDE is very similar, so in that sense I find I can't play it for much more than an hour. A beginner who's never played this kind of game before might say something different. So in answer to your question, I can't last too long before I get bored, but still play it quite regularly. Cheers!

  • leftturnclyde
    leftturnclyde Wednesday, 13 May 2015 · Delete

    Nice. I will try and get a demo on this game.
    forgot it was even out.

    Whats the best bike overall? might save me some time :)

  • TheRampantRider
    TheRampantRider Thursday, 14 May 2015 · Delete

    Well that would purely depend on personal preference, but for me, it's got to be the S1K.

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