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Sun!! find some nice bends

Spring is here!!! yee diddly doo !! get in, back of the net. friggin love it.
get the bikes out :D

SO happy. my bikes been under a cover for ages. had to hook it up to a battery to start the thing but all good.
semed to run sweet this morning.

there are a lot of bikers out there. see more and more each day.
best thing of all, you can actualy take some bends at speed and not worry about a lowsider.

stroll on the summer.
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    Sunday, April 17 2016, 10:41 PM - #Permalink
    Yep, agreed, the sun changes everything. Get the leathers on and head for the twisties. Confidence levels go right up.
    Just wish we had more of it!
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    Monday, April 25 2016, 06:53 PM - #Permalink
    Still cant predict the weather so i grab every opportunity i can to get out on the bike.
    comes a point when i have to start not being scared of a wet road.. after all, racers fly aroun dthe track in the wet!
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