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Agh, let's hope that Honda get this right?
The Fireblade has become a much less desirable sports motorcycle with the onslaught of heavy, high-tech competition and now falls far behind, if not at the bottom (well, the Suzki GSX-R might be even less desirable at present) of the list of dream superbikes.

Should Honda retain its raw, back to basics approach for the Honda CBR1000RR or shove as much technology on it as possible?

If they leave it with just ABS then they run the risk of losing even more sales, even though it is still very price competitive. After all, the hgh-tech competition is mostly 2 or 3K more expensive.
If they add on a load of electrickery then can we expect the price to subsequently match the likes of the Yamaha R1 and BMW S1000R?

To my mind, they need to come out with a bike which not only matches the best of the rest but takes a leap forward.
How do they do this?
Well, firstly, up the power and then chuck the electronics and mitigation safety stuff at it to harness the power in. Bikers are swayed by big numbers, simple as that. It is like a 'who has the biggest willy' contest down at the bike meet. Having a new Fireblade now is just not as impressive or head-turning as it used to be.

Second, it needs to look the mutts nuts! It has to look at least as alluring as the Yamaha R1. Okay, it will not ever look like the Panigales but it could aspire to become the best looking Japanese superbike.

Thirdly, it needs to have the 'option' of at least the same amount of electrickery and flexiblity and configurability of the BMW S1000RR and R1. It needs to provide everything at a click of a button for all levels of rider with clever, and confugurable, rider modes.

Fourthly, it needs to retain what it is already well known for... easy to ride and comfortable.

Bring on the power!
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