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Music whilst riding! Question

Who has some Tunes on whilst they are riding their bike?

ether an ipod or blutooth with your phone.
i havent but my mate does and i was wondering if its a bit dangerous really.
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    Tuesday, April 28 2015, 10:27 PM - #Permalink
    I never have but then I like the sound of the bike singing ;)

    Its not illegal and I can understand on long journeys or just cruising it would be nice.
    As long as its not too loud and controls aren't distracting it should be OK.

    If you regularly ride with friends then maybe look into communicators.
    I was thinking of getting this one.
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    Wednesday, April 29 2015, 09:04 AM - #Permalink
    Myself, i have a full bluetooth system in my Lazer modular helmet. In the early days I did take a couple of calls on it and I listed to music from my phone.
    Not used it for many months now and dont miss it.

    What would be nice is being to chat with riders on a ride out like i had with the instructors when learning as motorcycling can be a lonely experience.:)
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    Wednesday, April 29 2015, 11:36 AM - #Permalink
    I was thinking about this myself. I don't know any other bikers around here so currently have no use for a comms system as yet but I did buy a Sony Bluetooth gadget with built in fm radio. This will enable me to listen to the music on my phone. Haven't had the urge to use it on the bike yet as I enjoy the sound of the bike.
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    Friday, May 01 2015, 07:10 AM - #Permalink
    I have the capacity to do this but just have not ever gotten round to it.
    in principle it sounds good. i guess the danger is if youre singing along then you surely are not giving the ride your full attention.
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    Sunday, May 03 2015, 06:36 AM - #Permalink
    i have listed to music but it tends to pump me up a bit and is probably a bit dangerous as it mkes me more agreesive.
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