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Got my new leathers and helmet! General

Bit of a result really.
After much deliberation I decided to buy from a store and not risk going online for a bargain.
On a visit to the Infinity Motorcycles store in Farnborough , part of The Motorcycle Shop, I had tried on a few and in the end had worked out that a two piece is better for me as the one piece was a bloody nightmare and I have no patience for faffing around. :)
Also, the budget, look and quality led me towards RST. The two piece suit fitted me brilliantly.

Bought the RST Pro Series CPX-C Leather Jacket in that Red Flo color:

Ah hold on. WTF.. haha. I was just searching for a pic... and found this:

That is the exact top, and they are the exact Jeans (RST Blade) and would you believe it. I also bought myself an Arai helmet which happened to match the suit a bit like the one in the picture.
I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't me! :D :D

This is the helmet:

The helmet was £300 but the salesman mucked up and charged £249.

I then had a 10% voucher given to me by 1st Gear a few doors down who I passed my test with so had the lot for a relative bargain.

have to say , the suit is excellent and so much cooler than the textile I was using.
The helmet has a super clear, super large screen and great for visibility as well as being a lot safer than my cheaper modular helmet.

Need some matching gloves now.:)
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