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Are Ducatis expensive to maintain? Question

I am pretty desperate to get a ducati, newish or old but a mate spooked me out by mentioning that they go wrong and servicing and parts stuff is a nightmare like any italian sports suppler.. whats the score?
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    Wednesday, February 18 2015, 11:18 PM - #Permalink
    Relaively speaking yes.
    its not just that the service costs are high, and parts are more difficult to get quickly but a mate also had some lecky issues and the bke was off the road for abouit 2 1/2 weeks in total in the frst 6 momths of his ownership. Things can be slow there.

    To be fair, the newer models may well be a lot better.
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    Tuesday, March 17 2015, 06:52 PM - #Permalink
    I went to the dealer and the service costs were pretty much similar to the bigger japanese sports bikes. the intervals are long too so it will more than likely be about the year that comes up first.

    The dealer said they were really reliable - :)
    Then again, he claimed he has never heard about the fact that the pedals on an 899 Panigale are slippery and people moan and change them.
    Pissed me off a bit, I wasnt trying to knock the bike but felt he effectively lied to me about any wll known issues.

    Ah, another classic- "Nah, its not hot when you are moving... " :D
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    Wednesday, March 18 2015, 06:55 PM - #Permalink
    I'd say just go and visit a Ducati dealer and ask them about running costs but my last experience with Blade Ducati in Reading was pretty dire. Almost enough to put me off the bike! Certainly enough never to visit them ever again. If I ever get an 899 it will NOT be with them. :(
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    Thursday, March 19 2015, 11:20 AM - #Permalink
    Its all relative.. they are highky tuned Itailan engines and a premium seller so they will never be quite the same as running a honda unless you are lucky (or unluicky with the honda)

    However, you get to ride a more exclusive bike a lot more natural passion so some would say that makes it worth it.
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