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Anyone interested in 3d printing?

These two new kickstarter projects look interesting. (I've backed both and may cancel one depending how their progress goes)

This one looks the best of the two:

This one is more compact (smaller build volume) Waiting to see more example prints:
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    Wednesday, April 01 2015, 03:21 PM - #Permalink
    Nah, but this 3D printing stuff is amzing, have seen it in front of my eyes when somebody made a matchbox sized black box with a lid as an example.
    It took ages, it might have been a cheaper printer, but utterly fascinating. Who knows there the future lies.

    The best use I have seen is reconstruction of a persons missing skull sections. Probably be good for linb fit as well.
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    Wednesday, April 01 2015, 03:35 PM - #Permalink
    Yeah, its early days for this tech to be in the home. (Its been around in specialist industry for about 20 years)

    These home type printers squirt molten plastic layer by layer until the object is complete which is very slow.
    There is another type which use a projector to solidify a layer of photosensitive resin a layer at a time which is much faster but they are more expensive and not quite up to consumer level yet.

    In a few years it will be possible to print simple machines with moving parts (already possible) and electronics embedded inside.
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