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Introducing Kawasaki's Middleweight competitor, the ZX6R 636cc Inline 4 Japanese Missile. I take the 'not so baby' Ninja for a ride that opens my eyes to how good smaller and lighter can be!

With enormous braking power, a swan song of an engine and telepathic handling all in such a controllable package it really is hard to say anything bad about such an incredible entry from Kawasaki.

Do/Can we possibly need anything more? How much of your litre bike do you really use? How much better would you feel saving yourself a fair few pounds and getting something more approachable for us mere mortals!

Do yourself the biggest favor of the year, sell your big, heavy, possibly under-used 1000s... and get one of these! You won't be disappointed! :)

As always guys and girls many thanks for watching! Please Like/Comment/Subscribe! Everyone's contribution is greatly appreciated.

Ride Best. Ride Safe.



Special thanks to Ricky from Daytona Motorcycles, Ruislip, Greater London
Couldn't have had any better a service!
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